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This is a special finishing that has resistance to friction, fire resistance, scratch resistance, surface acid and alkali resistance. Melamine is a new type of material with a 3D design that is imported, through a special processing process. Its characteristics are non-toxic, has a flat surface, strong and sturdy. It’s also friction resistant, high temperature resistant, fire resistant, insect resistant, moisture resistant, not easily deformed, many colours available, and easy to clean.



UV uses imported gold foil paint finishing and ultraviolet light to chemically react to form a dense protective film. The intermolecular distance of this dense protective film is smaller than that of water molecules and acetic acid molecules. So, it has Waterproof, stain-resistant and other effects. For banding adopt imported nano-crystal double colour or banding with the same colour, using a high-quality banding machine from Germany (Equipped with pre-wash function), formed by high temperature and pressure. Currently, this technology is the most advanced and modern on the international stage.


This finishing is a paint with a high-density level of paint, the basic material uses a panel with a high-density level, the surface of the panel has gone through 6 times of spraying using imported paint3 base, 2 layers, 1 glossy) through a high temperature burning process. The type of paint used is the same as the paint used on BMW.


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