Exceptional Services

PA Kitchen Indonesia services included design, sales and production team offers complete professional service from order inception,
through manufacture and delivery of your products

What Can We Make for You?

We are ready to build your projects from the design, manufacture and install of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cabinetry for single-family homes through much larger projects. Our furniture grade is on par with quality European cabinet construction and styling. When you order from us, we produce the same high quality cabinetry at a fraction of the cost of buying in Europe and elsewhere.

Complete project management

Think of us as your partners, and contact us FIRST for a project quotation. We know the standard requirements of your business, and we understand what it takes to keep costs down while delivering to you beautiful, long-lasting products on schedule. We believe that our services can make you safe when you order from PA Kitchen & Furniture Indonesia.

Reliable production from Start to Finish

We source our hinges and accessories internationally from Blum. We use precision-engineering CNC machine tools, along with special German glues, the best in the industry.

Reach your goals

We know the standard requirements of your business, and we analyze your target market and know which solutions sell for the end user.


Our Services: We Serve at Every Stage


Product Design

No one beats our experience or our innovation. Bring your own designs, choose from ours, or let us create something new for you using our design software automation system. We’ll help you see your ideas come to life with CAD Drawings and both 2D and 3D animation renderings. Our design team stays current on design styles and concepts from around the world, and we are never afraid to innovate or incorporate your ideas. We pay close attention to international trends, so our experienced consultants can help you from start to finish!

We offer free design service to ensure your cabinetry is exactly what you need for the price you can afford!

Measuring Service

Are you nervous about measuring for all the particulars for your order? Everything depends on accurate measurements, so never worry about services when you have PA Kitchen & Furniture Indonesia on your side. We’ll help you verify your measurements. Our services may even be able to send an expert abroad to help you measure and calculate your order.

Ask us if you need help taking measurements for your order. We may be able to send a technician to your site.



You need strongly competitive pricing. You want and expect quality, utility and beauty, plus customer service. Why not get it all?

PA Kitchen and Furniture Indonesia puts competitive price, quality, utility, beauty into all of our products and we back it up with outstanding customer service. We use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and production software and only the highest quality construction materials. We add a smart European style and fresh ideas to our products. You’ll get big savings, maybe even 40% less than your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and bedroom cabinets. It is because we are skilled in production that we can provide everything for you.

We use CNC machining centers for increased efficiency and productivity. Computerized woodworking technology reduces errors and keeps our prices competitive for you.

Quality Control

One of the services at PA Kitchen & Furniture Indonesia is Quality Control. It eliminate human error by using integrated technology to ensure precision cuts accurate orders. At every stage of production we scan the QR code we’ve attached to every panel or package. This code allows us to always make the right-size components, pull the appropriate accessories and know where your order is at all times.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Intelligent QR code quality tracking keeps production costs lower.


Installation Service

We don’t just create and produce low-cost, yet quality items… If you need it, we may also be able to arrange an experienced installation team from PA headquarters to assemble and install your products on site for you. Additional charges will apply.

We have partners throughout the world if you need installation assistance


If you are unable to personally inspect your order before we ship, just ask and we’ll assemble a unit of every item you ordered and take photos for you. Once we make a final inspection of your order, then we carefully package and wrap everything to protect your order. We only use packaging methods that meet or exceed the specifications of international freight carrier standards, including high-grade wrapping materials and corner protection to keep your products safe.

PA Kitchen and Furniture excels at short lead times to get your order designed and manufactured for you. Once you submit an order, we can determine delivery & shipment details for your approval. Prices, production lead-time and shipment details depend on items ordered, product materials and delivery location.

Our massive warehouse means we have materials in stock to complete your process quickly and smoothly.

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